Wednesday, April 9, 2014

inside the studio: fabulous fringe

i'm beginning to experiment with fringe more and more, and i'm loving this new design:

when i found this reversible silver pendent, i instantly new that i wanted to create a "y" or drop necklace. i think it adds just the right touch of extra sparkle, without going overboard (speaking of overboard—it's one of my favorite movies—i love the 80s!)

what do you think? are you loving the fringe as much as i am?

Monday, April 7, 2014

on the road again

it was a beautiful day, filled with sunshine (finally!). 

i did not have a care in the world as i made my way to penn station for the baltimore flea season kickoff. my driving was spot on—my old driving instructor would have been proud. i was listening to gotye's, " i feel better," and i dare say that i was enjoying the wind in my hair...


oh yes! saturday was full of this lovely flow of gases (thank you wikipedia for making me smarter). and for any vendor, especially a jewelry vendor, ahem, this is not good. i was not thrilled with the idea of having to chase my lovely wares around for 6 hours...

but no worries, a seasoned novice like myself was prepared and ready to make the best of it. 

and so i did! here's a peek into the set up process:

notice that i don't have too much height here due to the heavy winds.

but sunday was a different story, it was a beautiful sunny sunday at the flea market at eastern market!

and, all in all it was a great and eventful weekend!

i met wonderful people and truly enjoyed the start to our show season. if you didn't get a chance to come to the markets this past weekend, no worries—i'll be at the bmore flea and eastern market again this saturday and sunday. and of course, we can always connect through facebook, instagram and twitter!

hope to see you soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

featured item: new glam necklace

you're late to work...the dog ate your breakfast burrito....and there's a 9 o'clock meeting with your boss that you totally forgot about!

 you begin to panic, perspire even...

until you look down and notice you look amazing today—especially with this ultra glam necklace.

go away morning blues—you're ready for anything!

oh, and did i mention your boss wants to know where you got your necklace. go ahead and tell her: arelle hughes designs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

inside the studio: new signature ahd earrings

I've been wanting to do this for a long, long time. and after finding the perfect display, i have created 40 fabulous, sparkly, and unique pairs of crystal and semi-precious gemstone earrings that will make their debut this weekend at the bmore flea on saturday and the flea market at eastern market on sunday!

i created them with you in mind! these special pieces will match your spring wardrobe perfectly, and of course add a playful flair! whether you're looking to add some spark for the office or a flirty touch for date night, these earrings won't let you down. and they'll soon be available at our shop. speaking of which, have you been to the shop lately? you should—with over 40 beautiful pieces, you're sure to find a special piece!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

i was in heaven...

it was awesome—as usual! jared and i ventured out to meet face to face with my suppliers on saturday, which continues to prove it's one of my absolute favorite things to do! imagine a place where almost every single type, shape, and color of bead is accessible—like a willy wonka chocolate factory, except for beads.

i oohed and awed over all the new selections, and found tons of new inventory to play with! my creative juices are flowing, and i can't wait to see what new designs make their way to the arelle hughes designs collection.

stay tuned—it's going to be amazing! promise!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

featured item: garden of delights

serenity...a feeling of calm washed over me while creating this special piece, which organically came to be. my mind was in a far off place, where fields of fresh flowers bloomed and swayed in a peaceful breeze—in a garden of delights! oh, and where the temperature was above 60 degrees! can you tell this cold weather is getting to me?

soft pinks and greens meld together to make this exquisite necklace, with 200 semi-precious gemstones and crystals. i'm swooning over this one, are you?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

inside the studio: new photo rings

a pretty little accent to brighten up your day was the thought behind our new artisanal photo rings! our beloved line of photo accessories has expanded—and these rings are so sweet!

yesterday i got this new ring display and i adore it! i think it makes our rings looks super cute. notice the coasters in the background? they are from my good friend over at handmade habitat who specializes in nostalgic, earthy housewares. they are from one of the most romantic stories of all time: pride and prejudice. *sigh*

but, back to the present—whether you want to add a splash of color or a fun and chic touch to complete your outfit. our photo rings are the perfect remedy. these gems, as well as the entire line of photo accessories are exclusively available at all shows that we attend. however, if you would like to see them at our online arelle hughes designs shop, let us know—leave a comment!